Great Lakes Integrated Network (GLIN) introduces a new domain —

September 27, 2022

Great Lakes Integrated Network (GLIN) introduces a new domain —

A great deal of work has taken place over the past couple of months to prepare for this crucial moment. On Wednesday evening, September 28, 2022, we are making the move to a new domain name.

The new domain means that our email addresses are changing to the format — you may want to add these new email addresses to your address book. For the foreseeable future, all incoming emails will work if they are sent to our old addresses. However, the old address will eventually be phased out, so it is important to update your contacts.

Our new URL will be different, displaying instead of If you have links on your website that point to us, you may want to refresh them. But if not, old URLs and bookmarks will direct you to our new

What’s next?  Expect further upgrades in the months ahead as we rebrand our logo and redesign our website to feature GLIN in new and exciting ways.



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