NYSDOH Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings Summary Report

July 28, 2017

NYSDOH Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings Summary Report

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is pleased to announce the release of Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings Summary Report (2011-2016).  

NYSDOH funded nine Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings (OPPHCS) contractors from 2011-2016.  Contractors worked with primary care practices to reduce obesity, promote breastfeeding, and improve chronic illness care in the population of focus:  infants, children and adolescents.  NYSDOH convened a team of diverse stakeholders to guide the initiative.  Nine contractors represented entities such as local health departments, research foundations, large health systems and associations, and academic institutions.  Eighty participating practices represented pediatric, family medicine and other multi-specialty sites.  Practice improvement teams planned and tested changes to their policies, systems and environments.

To evaluate the initiative, contractors conducted monthly medical record abstractions and completed pre/post assessments.  By the end of the initiative, practices had achieved measurable improvements in obesity prevention, breastfeeding promotion, and chronic illness care:

BMI screening rates were sustained at nearly 100%;
Patient counseling increased by 13% for nutrition, 22% for physical activity and 103% for screen time;
Staff training for comprehensive breastfeeding increased from 0% to 38%;
Comprehensive breastfeeding assistance for new mothers increased from 31% to 62%;
Chronic illness care scores improved in 80% of practices, with sub-scores for self-management support and community linkages increasing by 20%.

NYS’s Prevention Agenda Dashboard tracks progress on a variety of health indicators, including obesity (#19- #22) and breastfeeding (#49).

This summary report has been approved for public release. Please feel free to use it or to share the data with your partners and colleagues.

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