Talksoft Success Story

April 10, 2017

Talksoft Success Story

At the start of 2017, Optimum Physician Alliance (OPA) established a new partnership with Talksoft to offer a variety of automated practice support services, at a discount, to OPA physicians. Talksoft’s integrated phone, text and email messaging platform allows practices the ability to reach a higher volume of patients, with minimal effort from office staff. 

We are pleased to announce that within the past few months, a number of OPA practices began utilizing Talksoft and are reporting great success! Check out a recent testimonial from the practice of David D Stahl, MD. 

The office implemented Talksoft on January 17, 2017, at which time their two-month average “no show” rate was 228. Following Talksoft implementation, their two-month average “no show” rate fell to 98!  

“We hear plenty of positive feedback coming from our patients regarding their appointment reminders.  We are thrilled at the decrease in our numbers of "no shows" and can only attribute this success to implementing Talksoft in our office.  The staff is trained to look at the phone icons and appointment fields to check if we need to outreach to our patients to reschedule.  The fact that Talksoft is incorporated into Medent directly is a huge convenience!! I am very impressed with how easy and accurate Talksoft is to help organize our busy office.  I wish we had implemented it in our office sooner!”

----- Kimberly Stephens-Zelazny RN, Office Manager, Office of Dr. Stahl and Dr. Stahl Balaban

Some of the many Talksoft automation services include:

RemindMe - Remind patients of appointments

Broadcast – Advise patients of special clinics or office closings due to weather

Outreach - Outreach to patients who are overdue for appointments

Labphone – Contact patient for normal lab results

BillReminder – Follow-up with patient for past due bills

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