Cortext and 3rd Party Speech Recognition Services

June 18, 2018

Cortext and 3rd Party Speech Recognition Services

Recently, Imprivata provided clarification on the ability to use speech recognition programs though Apple, Android, Google, and other 3rd parties service providers who utilize non- HIPAA compliant speech recognition solutions within Imprivata Cortext.

Using non-HIPAA compliant speech recognition functionality within Cortext could cause messages, containing protected health information (PHI), to be non-secure and/or non-HIPAA compliant, exposing both the patient and organization at risk.

The concern comes from the fact that non-HIPAA certified speech recognition programs, such as those done through a Google GBoard keyboard, often transacts the speech to text process through their cloud services. In doing this, it is possible that speech and text could be stored in the cloud or through a 3rd party service, breaking PHI privacy protocol.

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