Volume #1: Variation Analysis – Developing Best Practice Standards for Patient Care

July 27, 2017

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OPA is committed to providing guidance and support to our physician network to ensure improved outcomes, affordability, and most importantly, quality of life for both patients and physicians.

New in 2017, OPA developed a series of podcasts called the PhysicianFactor. These informational podcasts will present on topics of relevance to our specialty network and will replace the Specialist Video Incentive for 2017.

Physicians must listen to a minimum of two (2) podcasts by December 31, 2017, to meet this incentive metric.

Volume #1: Variation Analysis – Developing Best Practice Standards for Patient Care

Volume #1 features OPA Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Hughes discussing the OPA Variation Analysis (VA) program with VA Medical Director, Dr. Michael Chaskes.

In this podcast, Dr. Chaskes introduces the VA program, which has been a hallmark program for the OPA community. It is driven by local experts who specialize in a variety of specialty types. The goal of this initiative is to provide specialty physicians with an opportunity to meet with their colleagues and have open dialogue on various approaches to providing quality care.


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