A patient-centered approach to healthcare

Patient Benefits...

GLIN’s primary care and specialist physicians work collaboratively to ensure patients receive the appropriate care, at the appropriate time, with the appropriate medical professional. This type of collaboration reduces redundancy in tests, duplication in care, and improves care coordination and outcomes. 

GLIN is dedicated to improving, not only the quality of patient care, but the entire patient experience. This focus is what led to the formation of Patient Experience Committee, which is comprised of local physicians, healthcare professionals and members of the GLIN team. The goal of this committee is to assist offices in improving overall patient satisfaction, from appointment availability, to wait times, to positive interactions with clinical and administrative staff.

How does the patient benefit?

  • Better understanding of medical diagnosis

  • Access to health and wellness experts

  • Assistance in managing medications

  • Improvement in overall health

  • Reduction in out-of-pocket medical expenses and redundancy in care  






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